Caleb Brown - Global Art Director at The North Face

"In the outdoor industry there are a bunch of good people. People who go above and beyond, know the business from the inside out and who can honestly say they 'live the brand'. But can they also drive a billion-dollar company with their words alone? Can they take an otherwise stuffy technical/corporate/product voice and put a witty consumer-facing twist on it? Sean definitely has skills, and he can communicate difficult messaging with the best of them. Under pressure, on time, well organized and a pleasure to work with. That's the difference between being good and great."

Jimmy Fursman - Founder and Principle at Mercutio

"Sean wields a great one-two punch! First, he knows how to get eyeballs on a website. Whether through SEO, email campaigns or thoughtful Content Marketing, he can deliver traffic. Then he follows up by artfully weaving a true brand story that brings every connection closer to your epicenter."

Steve Casimiro - Founder and Editor in Chief at Adventure Journal

"Sean writes with soul because he has soul. That's not to say other copywriters don't have soul, but, um, well, if the shoe fits... His stories are rich, his sentences crackle, his narrative is filled with emotion and care. The only question I have about Sean's writing is why he isn't doing more of it."

Adam Ketcheson - Chief Marketing Officer at North

"Sean has a broad experience across product merchandising, marketing creative and digital content. It's rare to find people that are consumer centric but also have the ability to add value across multiple functions. Good dude, smart, organized, easy to work with, high level of quality in his work and a snappy dresser."

Brendan Leonard -

Writer, Filmmaker, Owner and Founder at Semi-Rad

"I've worked with Sean in various capacities for almost three years, and have continually been impressed with his ability to understand and excel at every facet of wordsmithing for marketing and sales purposes. As a writer, I understand how hard it can be to learn and produce content in diverse styles for different objectives, and I've always been impressed with Sean's ability to write, edit, and curate content for purposes of technical writing, SEO, marketing copy, catalog copy, and even creative stories. I think people like Sean, who show up, perform, follow through on details, and have the vision to see the big picture and manage multiple projects at once, are rare in our industry, and it's been a privilege to work with him."

Morlee Griswold -
Direct Mail (Catalog) Marketing Consultant

"I've had the pleasure of working with many talented creative copywriters in my career, and Sean is among the best. He perfectly combines lifestyle, product and salesmanship in his copy. He's smart and a genuine pleasure to work with. He takes the (very occasional) criticism without an invested ego."